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I had no idea what I was doing, but decided to just sort of go for it. This post was sponsored by Premier Yarns. Experiences are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Facebook Instagram Twitter. Comments I love your cactus! So awesome! The base of the shawl is mostly garter stitch, the most relaxing stitch I know, perfect for holiday knitting.

The Floating shawl is a joyful and rewarding knit and a lovely addition to any outfit. The sample took two gram skeins and I used a significant amount of that. The sample used grams overall. You could potentially use two different colours. Sweet Fiber is a gorgeous yarn. I actually discovered Sweet Fiber through Joji, I think. My word for the year is intentional, and I wanted to be more intentional about how I spend my time this year. I decided for my personal, fun knitting goals at the beginning of the year to just focus on one project at a time, work away on something, try and finish it, and then do something else and just not have any time pressure around that.

I started off working on my Star Map wrap by Emily Foden, and I was working on that for a while, which is lovely, relaxing stockinette in the round, so super good. I also decided that I would have a happiness project this year, and I talked about that in January, I think, and I just went through my list. When I set my list, I only had 17 things on it, so the happiness project is something I heard about on the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft.

Last year, they did 18 in and, this year, they are doing 19 in It seems doable. I have started learning the flute again. I did my grade four exam back in, I think, March and did really well. That gave me a huge boost and I decided to go for grade five, which is next week.

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I was planning to go to June Squam Arts Workshop and that is ticked off. That was last, not last month, earlier this month. Other things that have happened, our holiday to India, which I talked about on the podcast, as well as Edinburgh in March, which has obviously been and gone. And, yeah, walking streak, a little bit patchy lately, but generally happening. I bet I can pick that up again. And so some things that are still coming up, making a quilt, I might hopefully be able to do that when we settle in Australia. Yeah, lots of things achieved and quite a few things still to look forward to.

I feel pretty good about that. I think I was a little bit strategic about it like that. Speaking of the Happier podcast, I do enjoy listening to that podcast. Some of them are friends. I was listening to Happier podcast recently and Gretchen was talking about her Design Your Summer project. I think this is at least the second year, if not the third year.

She got the idea from a quote she read to really intentionally make a nice project for your summer. Yeah, there were lots of lists of fun things to do over the summer, with kids or for grownups. I would be interested to know if any of you are planning summer projects and what they are. You can leave a comment on Instagram. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you have a fantastic week. Happy knitting. Talk to you soon.

This week also brings us a new pattern from The Handmade Sock Society, so I have the Cliff Walk Socks to introduce, as well as a bit of help for Society Members who may be confused about how to get onto the secret mailing list. Join the Handmade Sock Society Season 2.

Episode Transcript: Welcome to the Curious Handmade podcast.

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You can also find full show notes on my website at curioushandmade. I got back to London Monday morning this week, and have basically been catching up for most of the week, I think. So spreadsheets have been created and lots of lists are being made. I have been enjoying the inspiration that I drew on at Squam, and it was a really lovely week. I flew over last Tuesday just in time for the start. Sometimes I go a little bit earlier and spend some time in New York with my friends, but time was at a bit of a premium this time.

So luckily, I was able to get on another flight about three hours later, so I spent the day at Heathrow and arrived into New York quite late in the evening, but it was okay. I was just really happy to get there that evening, and then the next morning I met my lovely friends Bowen and Stewart, and they came and picked me up from the airport hotel I crashed in that night, and we drove all the way up to New Hampshire and Squam.

We made a little stop on the way for some food and stocking up on snacks and beverages, and we also stopped at a little antiquey secondhand shop, which was really cute, quite close to Squam, in a town near there. So that was the first evening, and we did the usual chicken procedure and found our cabin. The cabins there are fairly rustic. This time the highlight for me, well one of the highlights, was the weather. The first evening we arrived, and there was a big thunderstorm, and so it was raining and it was just really kind of romantic with the rain falling, and falling asleep to heavy rain was really nice.

And then the whole rest of the time we spent there was just glorious. It was blue skies, sunny and not too hot, not too hot or sticky, just perfect.

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It was so nice, and the only downside to that was the bugs. There was a ton of mosquitoes, there were just swarms and swarms of mosquitoes, and there were also lots of ticks, so that was slightly off-putting, but it was okay. We managed to stop up most of the holes on the porch from all the bugs and lit fires, and created enough smoke to keep them away in the cabins. But whenever you ventured outside you would get bitten for sure.

It was a minor thing compared to the beautiful scenery and weather we had. I did two classes, which is the sort of standard thing to do. So have a look at her feed. She taught us mostly how to use watercolors for a sketchbook practice. It was really interesting and enjoyable. I have never thought of myself as much of an artist, but yeah, I would, I would consider it.

I actually purchased three little sketchbooks from the Squam Arts Marketplace on Saturday night with the intention of perhaps using that to have a little sketchbook diary, and I bought one for each of the girls as well because they were really cute. So as it says on the tin, it was a collage class, and a Hollie was a really wonderful teacher and she was one of these teachers that just lets everybody kind of do their own thing, and then helps and supports them to try and execute their vision.

I went in kind of quite stuck. So I kind of had the idea of doing a quote, an inspirational quote. You can save posts on Instagram, you can create boards with sort of names, a bit like you can on Pinterest, and I find it a really, really good feature for saving things to come back to later. So I decided to go through my quotes collection on Instagram, and while I was looking at that, I saw a picture of Frida Kahlo, which someone had posted with a quote attached to it.

The picture itself was a self portrait of Frieda. I basically spent the whole morning making the leaves for the background, and some of her face, and then in the afternoon I finished off her head and her face, and I did some embroidery as part of it and was really, really pleased with the end result. That was what was really, really good, and I think that might be something that I would do as an activity with the girls. Then, Saturday was a completely free day. I purchased some lovely things from Linen and Spoon.

He carves beautiful objects including spoons from wood, and she makes beautiful items from linen. I bought a small wooden tray or platter as well as a gorgeous drawstring linen bag. I had bought a spoon from them before and it just reminded me that I need to find that. Won, who was one of the teachers at Squam, and she had this deck of cards and I asked if it was a Tarot deck. The idea is that you draw a card to get an idea and then go for a walk and then look for that thing.

The woods is for exploring the unknown within and without. I met Tammy at the arts fair last time I was at Squam two years ago, and I kind of regretted not buying some of her yarn then, and so when I saw her there again, I had to get some. Sunday morning we said goodbye, and my lovely friend, Elizabeth, gave me a lift back to Boston and I made my way home.

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It was a lovely, lovely time. I saw lots of friends there and it was a joy to spend time with my cabin mates. We just chatted and sat on our porch knitting, and I got a lot of knitting done.

So that was really, really good. So I got that done. Now, I have made a little bit of progress on that, and am going to finish the body and then start working on the sleeves. I am up to the ribbing on the body. We decided that it was long enough in the pattern, and I could start the ribbing. So thank you to Meg, and Elizabeth, and the Squam team for putting on such an amazing event, and just very, very grateful to be able to go to that and to have had such a relaxing and restorative week away. The Cliff Walk Socks. I knit two samples of these.

I also knit a pair in House of A La Mode sock yarn. Breathe deeply. The air is salty and clean. The light is soft and magical. Seabirds wheel and cry here at the edge of the cliffs, they are as likely to be below you as overhead. There are almost three hundred miles of breathtaking Cornish coastline. You could walk your legs right off if you wanted to. Hidden coves and mysterious sea caves, legends of smugglers and tales of ghosts.

Climbing up the winding footpath, you may find yourself completely alone, looking out over the water, keeping company with your own thoughts. You can see for miles, but who can see you? Time spent in this landscape holds a constant reminder of what is possible. The scale and wildness of the ocean find a counterpoint in the very small and very fragile. These ancient limestone cliffs may look sheer and forbidding, but they are home and shelter to a huge community of little lives. Rugged wildflowers and grasses set their seeds in the rocky crevices and cling, blossoming courageously just out of the salty spray.

The birds who make their nests and lay their precious eggs on narrow ledges are braver still, or maybe just silly. Their name, Fulmar, comes from the Dutch for foolish gull. The wavy lace brings to mind the ocean swell crashing into the cliffs. A simple twisted rib cuff, my trusty heel flap and gusset, and a comfortable wedge toe round out the details. Like all the Handmade Sock Society patterns, the Cliff Walk Socks is easy to customize and includes three sizes, so you can find your perfect fit every time.

So I hope you like this third pattern in the Handmade Sock Society, and you can still join in any time as a member. I just wanted to make a little note about both societies, the Shawl Society and the Handmade Sock Society, that if you are a member and you wish to get any secret emails that I might send out about yarn coming up and the next design, and any notifications about patterns coming out, then you need to join the email list for that specific season and that specific society.

You can find where to sign up in your information sheet.

That is the first document, not pattern but document in the collection in Ravelry. I think people get quite confused about the emails. I have my main email list that is just newsletters and news about everything happening, but if you want to find out specific news for the society for the current season, you have to sign up to that particular list. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you have a wonderful week. Today I have a chatty little catch-up episode, which I recorded just before heading off to the Squam Art Workshops.

Pebbles and Pathways Socks. Like a Cloud by Joji Locatelli. You can also find the full show notes and transcript on my website at curioushandemade. Hello and welcome to the show and welcome to June. How on earth did that happen? Oh my goodness.

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And as you will probably gather, if you follow me on Instagram, I am away as this is being released. So just now I am in the process of packing for that trip and I am not working this trip. The lake is gorgeous. Being near water is really nice and being in the woods is beautiful as well.

At one point I did think maybe, maybe possibly I could finish it for the trip, but no, not even close. I still have part of the neckband, part of the body and the sleeves to go. So although I have done most of the body, which is a substantial part of the knitting, I am still a fair way to go. So yeah, I think it would have been four years ago. Knitting, a few rows on my socks.

They are in a really summary yarn. I have my jeans and T-shirts. So I am really pleased to have two hand-knit sweaters to wear, which is not always the case for me. So it means that I can just grab a few trousers, pants, jeans and a few tops and it just all goes fairly easily. Although with my intensive decluttering efforts lately I am less and less inclined to make purchases, although I probably will be tempted by some of the beautiful handmade things. We also have the third Handmade Sock Society socks coming out very soon, next week in fact.

A gorgeous, gorgeous tonal blue. Just really my perfect blue, one of my perfect blues. I love all blues. This is a really, really nice one. She still has some available on her website. She has a wonderful range of House of a la Mode and she is one of my new favorite indie dyers. Just really love the jewel tones and beautiful tonals. But a little bit smoky, and smoky colors, and I love this range. In fact, when Carmen posted a picture of a collection of colors, I just went online and bought the exact collection that she had put together. That was some time ago.

Of course you can use pretty much any sock yarn for these ones. You might want something not too multicolored or not too variegated for these ones. And they will be released every other month through till December. So we still have half a year of the Sock Society still to come. I started thinking it would be good to start getting organized and I did have a renewed burst of decluttering at that point, which you will have heard about if you been listening to the podcast for a while. So I was feeling a bit frustrated by this because I love the idea of being able to do it. And then I recently discovered a podcast called the Minimal Mom.

So I can know that if she can do it with four kids then I should be able to do it with two. So on a recent episode she did a, my decluttering journey. And she said that she used the onion method.