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We had a small scope estimated to take us 3 months to complete, a project plan on Visual Studio Team Services, and a source control system in place meaning the programmers could collaborate on code and share their progress. I scheduled regular writing sessions on most evenings and stuck to the plan. In other words, I had to stop playing games to make one. There was a larger problem looming over my little paradise. It was difficult for me to imagine my previous ideas for narrative scenes in this new form, but I firmly believed I would pull that off — eventually.

The second part of that announcement was that since this was just the first of a couple projects we had in the pipeline, any eventual profits from it would fund the making of the second one. I never thought of rev-share as a real thing in the first place, the very idea of releasing a game with a bunch of strangers from Reddit was abstract enough.

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Thinking about financial profits at this point was akin to counting chickens before even the eggs are laid. It gave me pause, though, how quickly the entire project team was onboard with it. It seemed as if we all shared the same idea of similarities between that business model and Santa Claus. A few days later, as I turned in my writing for the day, the gravity of that change began to dawn on me. I was sitting in bed at 1am, my girlfriend turning over in her sleep beside me. Investing time and hard work into a passion just for the sake of it can definitely be worth it.

No way I could pull through for an entire year, though. I was curious if Patrik had to balance a day job and a relationship while working on I Fell From Grace. Patrik: Yes! I had a day-job which I would do from 6 a.

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Monday to Friday, and then be back home from around 3 p. Weekends were more or less 14 — 16 hours spent working on IFFG. Luckily I have a very supportive girlfriend! Patrik: The job I had at the time had a lot of dead time in it. I ended up doing a fair bit of writing on my game and working out different story arcs and whatnot during working hours. KP: How did it impact your relationship?

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It sounds as if you were spending entire weeks apart. A whole lot of the game I would do from my couch just lying down next to my girlfriend while she watched TV or some such.

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I think working full-time and then coming home to what is effectively another full-time job is going to have an impact on any relationship really, and there were times of frustration and arguing. But overall my girlfriend stayed supportive, knowing how much I disliked the day job and that this could potentially be a pathway to a new career.

Patrik: There were lots of them along the way, mostly in the early days. Sitting in front of my screen realizing just how long this was all taking and knowing I had thousands of hours to go often had me feeling like there was just no way I would see it through. I think this all changed around the time I started paying people to do work for me. That actually helped me stay disciplined in the end. Patrik: It was an absolutely bizarre feeling. It had taken just over 18 months and well over a year of that had been just non-stop working a day job and then coming home and working on the game.

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Patrik: It has taught me a lot about how to manage a project this size, and there are a fair few things I would do differently if I was to make the same game today. Raja: I worked two jobs, as a Sys Admin for the last 5 years, and on the side I do other jobs I can find, such as transcribing, to finance project costs. KP: How do you deal with balancing your duties to your family, your social life and your project? My wife is my biggest support, and when I have time I spend it with my 1-year-old son.

The experience itself was priceless, though.

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