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The Sun Online found that the email address provided on one site - www. The official Pandora Facebook page is also warning customers to be aware of the fake websites and advise anyone who finds one to report it to them at brandprotection pandora. Here are some tips on what you can do if you think you've bought something from a fake website, according to Citizens Advice:. You can also check for authorised online sellers in each country on the official Pandora Facebook page. Consumers have been falling for fake online retailers for years now and the websites seem to be getting more sophisticated, making it harder to spot them.

A teacher recently found herself the victim of an online scam after she unknowingly bought fake wedding shoes. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team?


Email us at money the-sun. Sign in. All Football. Fake Pandora websites. Here are some of the fake websites: www. What is the Pandora Scam Sites Facebook page and who set it up? What shall I do if I've bought something from a fake website?

Advanced Ways to Spot Phishing on the Web

Here are some tips on what you can do if you think you've bought something from a fake website, according to Citizens Advice: If the goods arrive but you know they're fake, ask for a refund. You're entitled to be paid back the full amount up to 30 days after you bought it. If you paid for item over 30 days ago but less than six months, the seller can either provide you with a genuine version of the item or a full refund.

If you paid with your debit card you should contact your bank immediately to discuss your options. Report the seller to Trading Standards. Some internet browsers, like Google Chrome, lend a hand in warning you about unsecured websites. When a site is secure, you may see a small padlock next to the web address, or the address may be highlighted in green.

  • Step #1: Pay attention to the address bar!
  • Hot 'Deals' are the fake news of online shopping, and you're all buying it?
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That means the website has one of the highest levels of encryption and can be trusted. Check sites for logos that indicate which security certifications a website has, like DigiCert, Verisign, or Symantec, for example. A scam site may copy and paste pictures of these logos on their sites. A favorite trick of scammers is to create websites with addresses that mimic those of large brands or companies, like Yah Scammers know that more people will be shopping online during the holidays than usual, so they put together real-looking websites very quickly around those times.

By checking the domain age, you can see how long the website has been in business, giving you a better sense of its veracity.

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  • Step #2: Check the domain name.
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The Whois Lookup domain tracker gives you information about who a domain name is registered to, where they are, and how long the website has been active. An excess of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar mistakes could indicate that a website went up quickly. Companies with legitimate websites may certainly have the occasional typo but still put effort into presenting a professional website. If a website capitalizes every other word or has a lot of odd phrasing and punctuation, take a closer look.

Look for several ways to contact the company phone, email, live chat, physical address and try them out. Does anyone ever answer the phone? Do you get a generic prerecorded voicemail or form email? If the only method of contact is an online email form, proceed with caution. It was a huge tip-off that none of the sites were legit.

Check out each of those pages to make sure they are there and fully populated with actual information.

Advanced Ways to Spot Phishing on the Web

Shopping websites should offer standard payment options, such as credit cards or PayPal. If a website requires you to use a wire transfer, money order, or other unsecured and nonrefundable form of payment, we recommend staying away, even if the rest of the website looks legitimate.


The American Greed Report: Online shopping scams: Eight signs you’re on a fake site

There are several free resources that let you do a quick scan for viruses, phishing, malware, and known scam sites:. The best way to protect yourself against malicious websites is to install antivirus software on all your devices and to keep it up to date.

These are common tactics scammers use to attempt to steal your information or infect your device. A quick online search of reviews of a website will tell you a lot. You can research the reputation of the seller through the Better Business Bureau and other official review sites. If you visited a site that seemed sketchy or want to stay on top of protecting your identity, we recommend using a variety of tools:. Each of these services offers another way to keep an eye on your personal and financial information.

Hot 'Deals' are the fake news of online shopping, and you're all buying it

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